Achi Association Newsletter #4 - January 2019
11 March 2019

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Progress at the House JJ
9 March 2019

Ethiopia - teaching at TVET Emdibir
21 January 2019

Interesting experience to teach at the technical college.
Their traditional house is the circular wooden Gojo-bet with straw roof. Since it is getting too expensive to build, they invented a modern rectangular version with tin roofs.
It is a pity that they are using the tin sheets for fencing these days. Before they put wooden sticks in the ground which was a semi-diaphanous and more 'social' way of separating their properties.
I was lucky to participate at the celebrations of Epiphany day when the baptism of Christ is repeated with all the Christian people.

Friends enjoying their new terraces
22 May 2018

New office at Helenalei 18, Antwerp !
25 January 2018

Desk with a view and lots of light for a new start

Conference: Preservation of architectural heritage in the Himalayas
23 November 2017