Conference: Preservation of architectural heritage in the Himalayas
23 November 2017

New conservation campaign to Nyoma and some surveys for Achi Association India
25 May 2017

It was decided to secure the upper part of the Kagan chörten at Nyoma with ring beams, which will be executed this summer.
Surveys and condition assessment are planned of the Nyima Lhakhang temple at Mulbekh and the old temple at Photoksar...

TERRA CONFERENCE 2016, Lyon, France
14 July 2016

XXIIth World Congress on Earthen Architecture
Presentation of the poster "Earth, Sweat and Prayers: Negotiating Conservation and Change in the Indian Himalayas"
Presentation of the article "Buddha and the Mountain Gods: Ingredients of...

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New Campaigns for Achi Association India this summer
28 May 2016

On the program:
First fase of the restoration of the Kagan Chörten at Nyoma
Restoration of the Village Temple at Heniskut
Survey of the Khar of Wanla (continuation)

19 December 2015

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A difficult survey campaign in Ladakh
18 August 2015

Due to bad weather conditions in Ladakh, surveys and conservation work were hindered a lot. Certainly in Wanla, a flood through Zomal valley caused a lot of inconvenience for the whole village and for the work. Luckily nobody was harmed. As we...

New master bedroom finished .... last painting to be done
2 June 2015

New survey projects in Ladakh this summer !
22 March 2015

Room with a view - almost
22 March 2015

extra master bedroom in progress

26 January 2015

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Restoration of the 8 chörten building, Wanla
3 December 2014

Finally some pictures of a finished building !
In wintertime ...

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Inauguration of the Office of Achi Association in Leh, Ladakh, India
21 June 2014

Since this summer Achi Association has an office in Leh where we are presenting an exhibition on the work of Achi Association.
Feel free to take a look and ask questions.
Khangsar House, Nowsher (road in old town parallel to Main...

VerSus 2014 Conference on Vernacular Heritage, Sustainability and Earthen Architecture
18 September 2014

Attended this very interesting conference.
Prof. Mauro Bertagnin (Univ of Udine) presented our article on
" 36 Thankas to Promote the Conservation of the Ladakhi Earthen Heritage "

do download the booklet "Lessons from...

Restoration of the 8 chörten building, Wanla, India
1 August 2014

Just came back from a difficult but fascinating and successful campaign.
The building needed a lot of propping before dismantling. We managed to push the painted wall back to an almost straight (vertical) position.
It took a total of...

Some progress in house JJ _ Lier
25 April 2014

started putting in the furniture ...

New campaign to Ladakh this summer: restoration of the 8 chörten building in Wanla
24 February 2014

During the General Meeting of Achi Association (21st - 23rd of February), it is decided that a new campaign to Wanla will take place this summer.
The 8-Chorten building is situated on the circumambulation path of the village or ‘rgya-skor...

Guest lecturer at University of Udine, Italy
14 January 2014

Workshop on the exhibition about Ladakh and Achi Association: follow-up of the works of the students.
Tutor of master student (dissertation on meditation places, design project of meditation room in airports).

From 7 till 16 January...

Guest lecturer at University of Udine, Italy
12 November 2013

Lecture about "the Cultural Landscape of Ladakh. Lamayuru: a Case Study" for the master students.
Workshop on the planned exhibition about Ladakh and Achi Association.
Tutor of master student (dissertation on meditation places, design...

Sabbatical year
21 October 2013

Started a sabbatical year to focus on research.

After a difficult start works are advancing in Gordes
7 April 2013

The steel window frame was made too large and had to be cut...
The concrete terrace floor was a crater landscape and had to be redone...
The timber mold of the concrete walls collapsed while pouring the concrete...
But finally...

New campaign to Ladakh this summer
20 April 2013

Continuation of the restoration of the Kagan Chörten and the Heritage Path in Wanla, Ladakh, J&K, India