The Kankani Chörten of Nyoma: second phase of the restoration
19 July 2017 to 27 July 2017
Achi Association India

To prevent further movement of the walls of the painted chamber, the team of architects decided to put up an adjustable ring beam around the base of the chörten.
The ring beam was conceived as two wooden beams on each side of the base and fixed together with an adjustable iron connection in the middle. In this way the ring beams were tightened and put under tension. The corners were fixed with corner plates and screws.
One ring beam was laid on the ‘platform’ of the gateway, another one was put right beneath the cap. In between the two ring beams, two props were put at each side to support the upper ring beam.
While the beams were cut to proper size and the iron connections fixed, there were some repairs done at the outside of the chörten. On the west façade there were major cracks in the cap and the base due to the pressure of the ‘falling’ vase and the according movement of the walls. The cracks were cleaned, stitched and plastered.
A team of 2 restorers were cleaning the wall paintings and filling the cracks of the south wall in the painted chamber.
The chörten will be whitewashed in September 2017

Team: dr. Wolfgang Heusgen architect, Hilde Vets architect, Gianmarco Mattiola master student, Jigmet Namgyel AAI office manager, Heike Pfund restorer, Angela Mitschke restorer, local mason and labours